Consultation & Discovery

  • Our design philosophy is that each of our clients requires a solution tailored to their particular needs. We help our clients realize all of the options available.
  • Through our consultation and discovery process we explore our clients’ lifestyles through a needs analysis as well as discuss solutions that can benefit their life.

System Design & Engineering

  • The Design and Engineering process includes selecting the right products and finding the appropriate solutions that will deliver a system that exceeds our clients’ expectations.
  • With extensive collaboration with the design team including the Architect and Interior Designer, we integrate the technology seamlessly into the design of the home.
  • We generate an engineering documentation package that communicates our plan to all the necessary parties.

Project Management & Installation

  • A successful project hinges on great execution and we believe this starts with exceptional project management. After establishing the design we begin coordinating our efforts with the construction team ensuring thorough and prompt communication.
  • As the Control system communicates with the other systems in the home including lighting, climate, security and pool systems we coordinate with the various subcontractors to ensure that all of the details of the project are planned in advance and implemented effectively.
  • Our Installation team takes great care to implement the wiring and installation as designed and we provide the proper education to our customers to ensure that expectations are met and we have delivered total satisfaction.

Tech Savvy Installation 

Service & Support

  • Upon a projects completion, we are there for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any problems or concerns. We provide ongoing and preventative maintenance. It is our goal to keep our clients happy for many years to come.